Customer Relationship Management Services

Integrated CRM, Project Management & HR software.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that manages your company’s communication with clients and potential clients. CRM solution helps you to get new clients, gain profits and keep them satisfied by organising client prospect information and all benefit stronger relationships and boosts the enterprise the growth.

Discover how your business can work smarter!

CRM services help your business to work fluently by improving your business relations.It also help in connecting to other business apps that develop client-business relationships. CRM caters several efficient business tools like document signing, accounting, billing, and holding surveys for the smooth functioning of a business organisation.

Manage Sales

We help you stay active and organized through the whole sales process with the help of our advanced sales pipeline.

Customize your CRM

We understand that it is crucial to have a customized pipeline suitable for a variety of sales process. Hence, we make this customization feasible.

Time Tracking

Increase your productivity by keeping an eye on the working hour of your employee to bring more profit to your business

Work anywhere, anytime

Get easy access to work with our mobile apps. You can carry out deals, tasks, projects and contacts from anywhere, anytime

Team Calender

It is important to have a fix schedule to manage various tasks and events through the day. Team calendar help you manage your meetings effortlessly.


We deal with synchronization and integration of customer interaction and channels of communications with the intent of referencing the customers a consistent and systematic way.

Contact Management

Manage your contacts and organise your client-business relationships without any trouble by staying at one place only. Get a clear synopsis of all the members in your company.

Reports & Dashboard

CRM reports exist inside CRM dashboards which offer all of the information required to strengthen customer relationships while connecting with data which will make reports more focused through automation.